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A selection of past offerings

Carte de Visite.

Saluda a Méjico.

Propaganda celebrating Mexican support of Republican Spain.

Three Frente Popular Handbills: Gratitud a Méjico; Homenaje a Mexico; and Salud Hermano Méjico.

Spanish gratitude for Mexican assistance during the Spanish Civil War.

Diccionario de ideas.

Hors-commerce edition with illustrations and typographic design by Rojo.

Album monográfico del Centro Educacional Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Yucatán post-revolutionary educational center by the architect of the 1929 Mexican pavilion at the Exposición Iberoamericana, Sevilla.


UNAM thesis by the architect (Guadarrama) of one of Mexico City's most iconic buildings, signed

Escuelas Tecnico-Practicas en el Distrito Federal.

Unrecorded urban planning thesis on access to post-secondary education in Mexico City.

El Movimento Estridentista.

Reading copy of the first edition.

España 1936-1965.

Solidarity publication illus. by the Hungarian-Mexican photographer with early reproductions of her Guerra Civil images.

Les Femmes de l’Avenir (all published).

Complete set of the postcard series depicting "women of the future" in the unbelievable roles of doctor, general, etc.

[Stokes Patent Engraving Machine].

Drawing (and engraving?) of a modified anaglyptograph, designed to convert sculpture to two dimensions.

Sol LeWitt.

Scarce catalogue of an exhibition at Ace Gallery, Los Angeles.

The Sacrifice of Madaline, or, From Earth to Glory by a Skyrocket.

Christian biography of a young teacher, describing her death by firework.

Collection of 66 Film Stills from Cardona’s Las Luchadoras Series.

Women wrestlers battle Aztec mummies and a henchman named Mao in these Mexploitation classics.

Collection of 93 Large Film Stills from the Golden Age of “Mexploitation” Cinema.

Wrestling, horror, sci-fi, and Aztec mythology.

Eight Sample Albums of Decorative Aluminum Foils.

Nuestra Raza: Organo de la Colectividad de Color. Año III, No. 25.

Afro-Uruguayan political and cultural periodical advocating racial equality.

Cultura Sexual. Nos. 3-6, 8-10, 13.

Unrecorded Guerra Civil-Era Sexuality Series

La Cuestion Sexual. No. 1 through No. 9 (all published?).

Spanish Republican Sex Ed.

La Pubblicità d’Italia: Nos. 5-20, 25-30, 37-38, and 43-46.

Scarce Italian Fascist advertising review documenting the remarkable collaboration of the avant-garde with fascist propagandists.

La Tragedia Social de la Mujer.

Signed copy of a rare imprint by the radical Cuban feminist.

Aire. No. 1 (Junio 1937) through No. 4 (Primavera 1938) (all published).

A highlight of Spanish Civil War print culture, rare complete.

Redención: Revista Mensual Feminista. Año III, Núm. 18.

Single issue of a Catalan suffragist periodical, seemingly unrecorded.


A political tableware catalogue.

Otis Escalator and Inclined Elevators.

[Her Personal Car].

For a modern young lady, nothing beats the personal car.

Guropiusu to nihon bunka [Dr. Gropius in Japan].

Inscribed copy of Japanese book commemorating Gropius's first and only trip to Japan.


Woodblock memorializing the first anniversary of the bombing of Guernica.

Pagine di un Balilla.

Children's stories from an Italian fascist youth organization.

Frankfurter Sommerbäder.

Flashy Weimar-era swimming catalogue.

Sous La Cagoule: À Fresnes, Prison-Modèle.

Anarchist, pacifist, and sexual liberation activist Humbert's rare second book about her experience in French prisons.


Claiming to be the first computer program for matching users based on sexual preference. Not in OCLC.


Documenting the artist's “Supermother” billboard project.

Mrs. States Recipe Book from the Mrs. America Pageant.

Beauty Secrets for Women.

Patent medicine promotional booklet advertising women’s health treatments.

The Great Latour Leap for Life.

Late 19th-century trade card for acrobat Marie Latour.

Invitation to the Diner Annuel du Cercle des Gourmettes.

Etching and invite related to the Parisian women's gourmet club. Later members included Julia Child.


Exh. cat. for Swedish sculptor and land artist.

Free Space: A Bulletin of Solidarity. No. 1.

Counterculture serial, complete in one issue, contributions by Lynn Hershman and Mimi Parent.

71 Modern Argentinian Architecture Photographs.

Exceptional photographic survey of a groundbreaking Argentinian architect and engineer.

Museo Tecnologico C.F.E.

Rare photobook promoting arts and technology programming at the Museo Tecnológico, Mexico City.

Catalogue of Summer Session.

Fine example of the dialogue between Californian and Mexican modernisms.

Muros, tejidos y armaduras.

Early catalogue of the renowned Colombian fiber artist.

Conferencia Latinoamericana Sobre Desarrollo Urbano.

Rare document of a landmark urban planning conference.

Arte Abstracto Geometrico.

Exhibition surveying abstract art in Colombia. Not found in OCLC.

Mujer: A Photographic Exhibition on the Latin Woman.

Poster with autographed dedication from artist Lisl Steiner.

Two Mexican Communist Flyers.

Unrecorded ephemera documenting the crisis in the Partido Comunista Mexicano following the Soviet-German nonagression pact.


Unrecorded Chilean communist songbook.


Unrecorded Mexican songbook featuring early version of lyrics celebrating the Foreign Oil Expropriation act and music from the film La Adelita.


Experimental poetry by the Chilean urbanism and architecture historian, with manuscript letter describing Allende's socialist revolution.

Diccionario del arte actual.

Booklet of contemporary art terms in Spanish, published in conjunction with the second Coltejer Biennial in Medellín, Colombia.

Máximas Mínimas.

Limited edition experimental graphic design, signed by Consuegra.

EXPERIENCES IN ALASKA: As Told by the Cook and the Teacher.

Contrapropuesta. Nos. 4-5 (all published?).

Architectural journal by students at Chile's Escuela de Arquitectura de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica, no locations recorded in OCLC.

Ultramar. Año I, No. 1.

First issue of the Chilean avantgarde publication, unrecorded in OCLC.

Аноар: еврейско культурно-обществено списание.

Near complete run of a scarce Zionist serial published by a socialist youth organization.

Huachipato. Año I, No. 1–No. 12..

Monthly journal chronicling the development of a Chilean steel company town.

Templo Myrurgiano: Erigido en la Argentina por Falcon & Cia. en el año 1939.

Presentation album promoting modernized offices in the iconic Palacio Estrugamou block in Buenos Aires.


Sizable run of the anarchist film and theater journal with design by Mexican artist Juan Pérez del Muro.

Pentalfa: Magazine Naturo-Desnudista y Trofologica.

Sexual liberation and antifascism.

Biofilia: Revista Mensual de Culto a La Vida.

Two issues of a left-wing nudist magazine by a Spanish anarchist publisher. Unrecorded in OCLC.

Three Basque Liberation Movement Posters.

Graphics from the armed separatists Euskadi Ta Askatasuna and the communist Euskadiko Alderdi Komunista.

Färbungen auf Blumenstaff.

Bright samples of artificial flower dyes in beautiful Art Nouveau wrapper.

Lafayette Towers.

Promo catalogue for Mies's postwar urban renewal project in Detroit.

Exposicion de Barcelona: Palacio de Proyecciones. Programa Oficial.

Cover illustration by Francesc Fontanals.

Or y Grana: Setmanari autonomista pera las donas, propulsor d’una Lliga Patriótica de Damas.

Early feminist serial illustrated by Opisso, Apa, Bagaria, et al. OCLC finds no physical holdings in North America.

Ellas: Semanario de las Mujeres Españolas.

Right-wing women's newspaper from the end of the Spanish Republican period.

Laudium: Where the Indian Community of Pretoria Lives.

Profusely illus. promotional catalogue for a South African apartheid Indian township.

Almanacco Antifascista.

Unrecorded antifascist almanac published by exiled Italian communists.

Grand Concert Cecilian Club Souvenir Programme: Madame Julie Rosewald.

Program for a performance by the first woman cantor in America (San Francisco, Temple Emanu-El, 1884-1893).

[Transgender]. Collection of ephemera.

Pamphlets, zines, chapbooks, etc. related to transgender, transsexual, and LGBTQ activism, youth, literature, and civil rights

Plataforma Revolucionaria: Discursos.

Surprisingly scarce publication with illus. by a principal artist of the Taller Gráfica Popular.

Toda una vide de lucha.

Bio of Russian-born anarchist who lived in Mexico as an exile for forty years.


"For the known white middle class male straightqueer."

Pohjoismaista tekstiilileikkiä: Nordisk Textillek.

Avant-garde fiber arts.

Helen Pashgian: Working in Light.

Rare catalogue for an exhibition by a pioneer of the Light and Space movement.

Dolores—The Woman of Tragedy!.

Sculptor Jacob Epstein's "The High Priestess of Beauty."

New Performance.

Early performance art serial, lacking only final issue.

RSVP Score for the University Art Museum, Berkeley.

Otherwise unrecorded score for Halprin event at UC Berkeley.

Mr. Peanut escorting Miss Honey to the Miss General Idea Beauty Pageant.

A rare edition related to Miss General Idea Beauty Pageant 1971.


Examples of Fekner's street art, incl. collaborations with Queens teenagers and the FASHION MODA group.

The Dinner Party Exhibition Guide.

Guide to the first public exhibition of The Dinner Party.

My Playbook: for women/about sex.

Feminist sex education.

Wonder Club . . . New Orleans’ Distinctly Different Revue.

“Boys will be girls! … Introducing the world’s most famous female impersonators.”

Fré Cohen Collection.

Il Fiduciario: Rassegna di Applicazioni dell’Elettricità.

Four complete years of an unrecorded serial documenting the electrification of Italian architecture and industry with stylized fascist graphics.

Proposal for the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana.

Seven vintage photographs reproducing the rationalist architect's proposed building for the Esposizione Universale Roma (EUR).

Le Chemin du Souvenir.

Nicely bound, rare novel by the Symbolist poet Renée Vivien and her lover, Baroness Hélène de Zuylen de Nyevelt.

Boletin: La Casa de Africa.

Afro-Cuban ethnography.

Guantánamo, Base Naval Yanqui de Crímenes y Provocaciones.

Anti-American propaganda.

Santiago de Cuba.

Cuban photo book promoting modernization in Santiago de Cuba.

Hombres y Máquinas.

Early anthology of essays by Bolshevik soldier and journalist Larisa Reisner, cover by Ramon Puyol.

Progressive Canton.

English guide to the modernizing of Canton's architecture and infrastructure by Sun Yat-Sen's revolutionary Republic of China.

Afgrijs. No. 1 (March 1984) through No. 7 [1986?] (all published).

Experimental serial by anarchist art press.

Conferencia Popular por la Paz de América.

Argentinian Pan-Americanism, lead by feminist physician Alicia Moreau de Justo.

Sección Femenina Notebook.

Manuscript notes on national syndicalism taken by a Sección Femenina student.

Richmodis-Zeitung: Monatsblätter des Alsberg-Eteg-Konzerns.

Scarce documentation of a Weimar era Jewish department store chain, expropriated by the Nazis in 1933.

Photographs: 40 M-M M2 Gun Carriage.

Rare photographic album with superb images of wartime production fulfilled by women and African-American machinists.

Photograph Album of Slum in Crotone, Italy [Inscribed to Giuseppe Romita].

Postwar poverty documented for founder of Italian Socialist Party.

Celebrating the Inauguration of the Afro-Uruguayan journal “Nuestra Raza”.

Nuestra Raza's editorial board joins other Uruguayan intellectuals to toast the black culture periodical. Together with first issue.


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