Antiprostitution, Dating Services, Performance and Gender Nonconformity, White Slave Traffic

American Antiprostitution and Social Hygiene Movements

Sex worker rights diminished considerably during the social hygiene movement, 1900-1945, and the suppression of commercialized vice. Despite its association with Progressive social reform, this criminalization of prostitution and red light districts punished sex workers and landlords, while failing to deliver real antipoverty relief for the lower class and immigrant women who were the supposed victims of prostitution and white slave traffic. Presented here is rare ephemera from local and national campaigns to end prostitution, 1914-1942.

Dating Services and Correspondence


Medicine, Family Planning, and Kissing Considered


Performance and Gender Nonconformity


Sex Workers, Students, and the Party

White Slave Traffic


Anarchists, Feminists, Nudists, and Spanish Republicans