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In the route of friendship. México 68: Programa cultural de la XIX Olimpiada
Comité Organizador de los Juegos de la XIX Olimpiada - 1968

Radioactivo: Poderoso Fertilizador y Estimulante Para La Vegetación
Banco del Radium [Banque du Radium, Paris]. - [1915]

Unrecorded advertisement for the Parisian Banque du Radium, associated with Marie Curie's lab.

Sous la jupe: illustré
G. Maindouce - ca. 1933-1935

Detourned fetish photography from Studio Biederer and Diana-Slip (Brassaï, Kertesz, and Schall, et al.).

How We are Defending the Health of Our Soldiers and Sailors: 309 Houses of Shame Closed
State Law Enforcement and Protective League - 1918

Otherwise unrecorded illus. antiprostitution pamphlet, California.

Kissing: the art of osculation, curiously, historically, humorously, and poetically considered
George Manson - 1888

Uncommon 19th-century cover illustration of two men kissing.

30 Years of Amalgamated Cooperative Housing, 1927-1957
Amalgamated Housing Corporation - 1958

Attenzione! Si avvicinano i “liberatori” anglo-assassini…
ca. 1943

Antisemitic fascist propaganda warning northern Italians against advancing Allied forces.

España de abril 1931 a octubre 1934: C.N.T. / F.A.I.

Argentinian anarchist publication on worker insurrections in Spain.

Album Surrealista de Ovarina Merck
Delia Ingenieros - 1938-1941

Surrealist scrapbook by the Argentinian microbiologist, magician, and Borges associate, Delia Ingenieros.

Elezioni Politiche 1913. Noi Anarchici.
ca. 1912-1913

Italian anarchist broadside protesting the "swindle" of quasi-universal male suffrage granted by the Giolitti government in 1912.

Atlas de las Nubes para el Servicio meteorológico de la República Mexicana
Manuel E. Pastrana - 1906

First Mexican cloud atlas, richly illustrated with 65 collotype plates, most color.

Grand Torneo Internazionale di Lotte Feminili al Salone Margherita

Promo for women's wrestling tournament, Rome.

ca. 1941

40 photographs of the women's wing of the Spanish fascist movement, most taken by the Nazi propaganda service SS-PK

Poem 1 and Poem 2. From Penny Poems, No. 31
Claes Oldenburg - 1959

The earliest Oldenburg publication?


A Featured Collection

Latin America

A Featured Collection

Apóstrofes: Revista de la Escuela de Periodismo Universidad Católica. Año I, No. 1–No. 3

Unrecorded student movement publication.

Forma: Revista de Arte. Nos. 6-7

One issue of the uncommon Chilean arts serial, with essay by David Siqueiros on antifascist mural project.

Study for a bas-relief sculpture for Las Cristalerías Rigolleau
Urbici Soler - 1928

A pencil and gouache study for an overdoor panel at the Rigolleau company's new building, Buenos Aires.

Publisher’s Prospectus for “Art in Ancient Mexico”
[Diego Rivera] - 1941

Ephemera from a key moment in the popularization and appropriation of pre-Colonial Mexican art in the United States

…de Pe a Pa
Celina Uralde - 1962

Experimental poetry by Celina Uralde with cover illus. and prologue by Gyula Kosice.

A ruptura da fotografia nos anos 50
José Filho Oiticica - 1983

U/topistas: Estudio para proyectos contemporaneous
Universidad Sagrado Corazón, Galería de Arte and Michelle Marxuach Galería - 2000

Published in conjunction with PUERTO RICO ‘00 (PARENTESIS EN LA CIUDAD).

Comité Organizador de la Participación en la Exposición Ibero-Americana de Sevilla - 1929

Large format propaganda album, presenting glories of post-revolutionary Mexico.

[Gustavo Valcárcel and Adolfo Mexiac (Illustrator)] - 1956

Condensed biography by the Instituto Nacional Indigenista with illustrations by Adolfo Mexiac.

Cartilla Maya-Español para los monolingües Mayas de Yucatan, Campeche y Quintana Roo
[Angelina Beloff (Illustrator)] - 1946

Maya-Spanish children's primer, illustrated by Beloff and Gabriel Fernández Ledesma.

(Brujería) [La] Historia de la Curación de Antigua de San Pablito Pahuatlan, Pue. 10 Agosto de 1975
ca. 1975-1981

Otomí brujo manuscript on amate paper.

Cine Cubano. Año 1, No. 3 and Año 2, No. 6.
1960; 1962

La mujer uruguaya reclama sus derechos políticos
Paulina Luisi - 1930?

Women's rights conference proceedings with iconic world map of women's suffrage.

La Arquitectura en Venezuela
Comité Ejecutivo del IX Congreso Panamericano de Arquitectos - [1955]

Bold graphics in an otherwise unrecorded promotional booklet.

Caracas: Ciudad Moderna

Photobook of military-led modernism.

Collection of 31 photographs of Chilean modern dance pioneer Andrée Haas
ca. 1930-1940

Vintage photos of the founder of Chile's first modern dance program.

Sala Permanente de Artes Plásticas de Cuba
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes - ca. 1955

Inaugurating the permanent exhibition of Cuban Art at the new Palácio de Bellas Artes, Havana.


A Featured Collection

Ephemera and Oddities

A few more bits of fun.

El Ĉina fotografia arto: kompilita de la redakcio de “Ĉina Fotografio.”.

Propagandistic anthology of Chinese photography, published by the Chinese Esperanto Association.

Five Illustrated Booklets Documenting the Fall and Death of Benito Mussolini and Clara Petacci.

Conseils et soins à donner à la chevelure. Traité théorique et pratique.

Eight Jail and Prison Equipment Catalogues.

Modern marketing for the emergent prison-industrial complex.

Dr. McIntosh’s Natural Uterine Supporter.

Vaginal pessary leaflet.

Sol Lewitt.

[Album Amicorum].

German-Jewish manuscript friendship album.

Pride in Kitchen and Bathroom: A Sure Sign of Excellent Housekeeping.

An essay on the Arbutus Uva Ursi and Pyrola Umbellata ….

A doctoral dissertation describing the effects of Bear-berry on gonorrhea patients.

Pedrito Contreras y Juan del Campo.

Peronist propaganda illustrated by humorist Pedro Segui.

Las Juventudes Libertarias de Artes Gráficas protestan [...].

The FAI's youth cultural commission defends Barcelona's Municipal Band.

Carteleras. Año I, No.1 - Año 1, No.3 (all published?).

Advertising for UGT-CNT controlled theaters in Valencia, unrecorded in OCLC.

Comitè Econòmic d’Espectacles Públics.

A class-conscious film schedule for the CNT/AIT collectivized theaters in Girona.

Nosotros: [Revista Mensual Anarquista].

Valencian anarchist serial associated with the Teatro del Pueblo movement.

A Fable.

Satirical antiwar fable illus. by the pacifist Southall.

On the Question of Homosexuals and the Party.

Marxist Leninist repudiation of homosexuality documents the mixed history of communism and LGBTQ rights.

1968: An Opera (in English) by J. Jordan.

Souvenir program for drag opera about Warhol-Solanus affair.

Processed World: Special Sex Issue..

Post-situationist magazine for the radical office worker.

Sun Annual.

International nudist serial.

Minus 8.

Asia-Pacific Alternative Press Syndicate; coverage of Miss Universe in Hong Kong, student protests, etc.

Modeling Soap Sculptures in White Soap.

Ceramicist Margaret Postgate's first career as the soap sculpture queen.

Art: The Independent Review. No. 1 (Dec. 1987) and No. 2 (Mar. 1988).

Artists deliver straight-talk about conditions and political realities of the artworld in apartheid-era South Africa.

Album of late 19th Century Albumen or Gelatin-Silver Prints of Gubbio and Perugia.

Late-19th-century Italian album combining amateur and professional photography.

Recueil des instruments de chirurgie orthopédie et mobiliers.

Instruments of amputation followed logically by prosthetics.

Woman’s Scrapbook with Manuscript Text and Hand-colored Plates.

The Victim Did It.

Sue Williams exhibition poster.

Books from the estate of Mark Tobey.

Otherwise unrecorded sales list of abstract artist Mark Tobey's library.

File Megazine Vol. 5, No. 4 (1983).

Mondo Cane Kama Sutra Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog

Dara Birnbaum: Video.

Swedish exhibition poster.


CND protests corporate sponsorship at the Tate Gallery.

Album Recuerdo de la Alhambra.

Orientalism at the Alhambra. Vintage albumen prints.

Çayir Yapraklari (Leaves of Grass).

Avant-garde typography and experimental book design in the first Turkish translation of Walt Whitman.

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