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Seven leaves of hand-painted wallpaper designs
19th century

Prize-winning nineteenth-century designs.

…de Pe a Pa
Celina Uralde - 1962

Experimental poetry by Celina Uralde with cover illus. and prologue by Gyula Kosice.

Instruction chrétienne pour l’éducation des filles
(Francoise d’Aubigné) - 1687

On the Christian education of girls, dedicated to the scandalous second wife of Louis XIV, the Madame de Maintenon.

La Habanerita - [1912]

A dancer's trade card, mailed to a talent agency.

Carteleras. Año I, No.1 - Año 1, No.3 (all published?)

Advertising for UGT-CNT controlled theaters in Valencia, unrecorded in OCLC.

Las Juventudes Libertarias de Artes Gráficas protestan [...]
Comisión pro-Cultura Juventudes Libertarias de Artes Gráficas - ca. 1936-38

The FAI's youth cultural commission defends Barcelona's Municipal Band.

Collection of 66 Film Stills from Cardona’s Las Luchadoras Series

Women wrestlers battle Aztec mummies and a henchman named Mao in these Mexploitation classics.

Graphische Ausstellung veranstalet vom Verein Kölner Buchdrucker ...

Unrecorded book arts exhibition supplement.

Poem 1 and Poem 2. From Penny Poems, No. 31
Claes Oldenburg - 1959

The earliest Oldenburg publication?

Rauschenberg: Selections
Robert Rauschenberg - [1968]

Experimental "collage" catalogue essay in an early and uncommon catalogue.

[Stokes Patent Engraving Machine]

Drawing (and engraving?) of a modified anaglyptograph, designed to convert sculpture to two dimensions.

A ruptura da fotografia nos anos 50
José Filho Oiticica - 1983

España 1936-1965
[Horna, Kati] Comite de Ayuda al Pueblo Español - 1964

Solidarity publication illus. by the Hungarian-Mexican photographer with early reproductions of her Guerra Civil images.

El Movimento Estridentista
Germán List Arzubide - [1927]

Reading copy of the first edition.

Album Surrealista de Ovarina Merck
Delia Ingenieros - 1938-1941

Surrealist scrapbook by the Argentinian microbiologist, magician, and Borges associate, Delia Ingenieros.

Aire. No. 1 (Junio 1937) through No. 4 (Primavera 1938) (all published)

A highlight of Spanish Civil War print culture, rare complete.

Proceedings of the First International Congress of African Culture

Full transcripts and plates of delegates' presentations on African arts, music and dance; incl. Felix Idubor, Vincent Kofi, and Alfred Barr.


A Featured Collection

Latin America

A Featured Collection


A Featured Collection

Ephemera and Oddities

A few more bits of fun.

Sol Lewitt.

Pride in Kitchen and Bathroom: A Sure Sign of Excellent Housekeeping.

An essay on the Arbutus Uva Ursi and Pyrola Umbellata ….

A doctoral dissertation describing the effects of Bear-berry on gonorrhea patients.

Pedrito Contreras y Juan del Campo.

Peronist propaganda illustrated by humorist Pedro Segui.

Comitè Econòmic d’Espectacles Públics.

A class-conscious film schedule for the CNT/AIT collectivized theaters in Girona.

Nosotros: [Revista Mensual Anarquista].

Valencian anarchist serial associated with the Teatro del Pueblo movement.

A Fable.

Satirical antiwar fable illus. by the pacifist Southall.

On the Question of Homosexuals and the Party.

Marxist Leninist repudiation of homosexuality documents the mixed history of communism and LGBTQ rights.

1968: An Opera (in English) by J. Jordan.

Souvenir program for drag opera about Warhol-Solanus affair.

Scream. No. 1.

Gay rights at Buffalo State University, otherwise unrecorded.

Processed World: Special Sex Issue..

Post-situationist magazine for the radical office worker.

Sun Annual.

International nudist serial.

Minus 8.

Asia-Pacific Alternative Press Syndicate; coverage of Miss Universe in Hong Kong, student protests, etc.

Modeling Soap Sculptures in White Soap.

Ceramicist Margaret Postgate's first career as the soap sculpture queen.

Art: The Independent Review. No. 1 (Dec. 1987) and No. 2 (Mar. 1988).

Artists deliver straight-talk about conditions and political realities of the artworld in apartheid-era South Africa.

Album of late 19th Century Albumen or Gelatin-Silver Prints of Gubbio and Perugia.

Late-19th-century Italian album combining amateur and professional photography.

Recueil des instruments de chirurgie orthopédie et mobiliers.

Instruments of amputation followed logically by prosthetics.

The Victim Did It.

Sue Williams exhibition poster.

Books from the estate of Mark Tobey.

Otherwise unrecorded sales list of abstract artist Mark Tobey's library.

File Megazine Vol. 5, No. 4 (1983).

Mondo Cane Kama Sutra Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog


CND protests corporate sponsorship at the Tate Gallery.

Album Recuerdo de la Alhambra.

Orientalism at the Alhambra. Vintage albumen prints.

Çayir Yapraklari (Leaves of Grass).

Avant-garde typography and experimental book design in the first Turkish translation of Walt Whitman.

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